Professional negotiation requires teamwork between people, method and  technology

We believe in the power of collaboration between humans and artificial intelligence. WeGain originated from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. WeGain is the first company in the world to market an artificial intelligence tool to support complex negotiations and mediation. Called Enigma, this tool works as a smart deal engineer who acts as the negotiator’s personal advisor. The negotiator is therefore always in control. The scientists state that the negotiator who uses Enigma expertly achieves 10-30% better results.



WeGain provides additional advice, concrete support and coaching with expert negotiators.


Together with Holland Consulting Group we have developed a unique method for professional negotiation, called Utility Based Negotiation®.


Enigma is an artificial intelligence based cloud solution that supports professionals during complex negotiations.

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What’s in it for you?

  • People cannot do what machines can do

    Humans can proces in the brain only an average of max. 5-7 negotiating issues at the same time

  • Self-learning algorithm

    Within negotiations

  • Cloud based

    WeGain is cloud based and you can login from any location; no ICT capacity needed

  • User-friendly

    You easily follow the steps of the process to generate all relevant input required to start negotiations

  • Negotiator remains in control

    A negotiation cannot be handled by artificial intelligence alone, human-machine collaboration is required

  • Negotiation space fully explored

    Insight into the full decision space and a overview of the “zone of possible agreement”

  • Focus on win-win outcomes

    Be able to control on WIN-WIN results (or not)

  • Structured negotiation process

    Explorations are unnecessarily time consuming without thorough preparation and tooling

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