The story behind WeGain

WeGain is an innovative start-up that emerged from TU Delft. From the NWO program Talent Scheme – Vici, led by Prof. Dr. C.M. (Catholijn) Jonker, professor of interactive intelligence, has conducted scientific research (4 PhDs, € 2 million investment) into the Pocket Negotiator, synergy between man and machine in negotiation.

We are a diverse team of experienced negotiation experts. Everyone has their own specific expertise, experience and approach. Together we strengthen the ability of professionals and organizations to create value and distribute it in a WeGain (win-win) way. We actively use Enigma in guiding and supporting negotiations and training professionals in the private and public sector.

Meet our team

Prof.dr. Catholijn Jonker

Hoogleraar interactieve intelligentie TU-Delft

Ferdinand Holzhaus

CEO Wegain B.V.

George van Houtem

Expert, Trainer & Mentor Negotiations

Hans Hopmans

Expert, Trainer & Mentor Negotiations