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  • WeGain as a service:
    Guiding and supporting a negotiation or mediation. Through the commitment and guidance of an expert. This can be a one-sided approach or with both parties. Achieving the best result by being in control together with an expert and aiming for results, win-win (or not).

  • WeGain as a subscription:
    Unlimited online access with an account to use yourself or with the team in negotiations and / or mediations. Both within your own organization and with other organizations. Including 2x a year half a day of (team) training in the field of negotiation and the use of Enigma. There is also online support.

With WeGain other professionals and organizations were able to:

  • Better understand their negotiation domain
  • Negotiate with more confidence
  • Build authority in a small amount of time, both internally and with the suppliers
  • Developed the competences of the team
  • Improved their results up to 30%
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