Our services: what can we offer you?

In addition to this negotiation tool, WeGain, in partnership with Holland Consulting Group, has developed a new method for professional negotiation called Utility Based Negotiation® (UBN®). In this way, people, method and technology form the best negotiating team.


Every organization regularly experiences peak loads during important negotiations. WeGain provides additional advice and concrete support with expert negotiators. Our plus factor is the use of our Enigma technology and methods. We can be a member of your negotiation team or act as an advisor.


Sometimes a negotiator or a negotiating team needs coaching and/or guidance during the preparation and execution of a complex negotiation. We then support your professionals and organization on site or remotely, exactly when it is needed. Our plus factor is the use of our Enigma technology and methods.


WeGain provides various training courses for negotiators (beginners and experts). Together with Holland Consulting Group we have developed a unique training for professional negotiation, called Utility Based Negotiation® (UBN). WeGain also provides training for the use of Enigma, the unique artificial intelligence tool for negotiators. Our training+ includes integration of the UBN and Enigma method.

WeGain Expert® Netwerk

WeGain has started developing an international network of top negotiators who have been trained and certified by us to call themselves 'Enigma Expert®'. Members of this network are given the Enigma tool and often also the Utility Based Negotiation® method. These experts are active within companies or independently professionally. Are you interested? Please contact us.

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