Enigma is a cloud based solution that supports professionals during complex negotiations.

Research shows the maximum value of negotiations rarely is achieved, due to:

  • human emotions interference
  • no focus on win-win outcome
  • complexity (quantitative and qualitative criteria)

The full decision-making space, with all key interests and preferences, is not being explored effectively. The human brain cannot take all desired variables into account and simplifies the negotiation situation. Which leads to a suboptimal outcome.

Enigma helps to determine the weighted importance of all interest and preferences in the Negotiation Domain and calculates optimal bids with ultimate outcomes. And by doing so, the Enigma enriches the win-win negotiations Agreement with improvements up to 30% in results.

Our Software

What's in it for you?

  • People cannot do what machines can do

    Humans can proces in the brain only an average of max. 5-7 negotiating issues at the same time

  • Self-learning algorithm

    Within negotiations

  • Cloud based

    WeGain is cloud based and you can login from any location; no ICT capacity needed

  • User-friendly

    ou easily follow the steps of the process to generate all relevant input required to start negotiations

  • Negotiator remains in control

    A negotiation cannot be handled by artificial intelligence alone, human-machine collaboration is required

  • Negotiation space fully explored

    Insight into the full decision space and a overview of the “zone of possible agreement”

  • Focus on win-win outcomes

    Be able to control on WIN-WIN results (or not)

  • Structured negotiation process

    Explorations are unnecessarily time consuming without thorough preparation and tooling

Domain editor

In this section of the platform you will prepare your negotiation domain.

A very simple and guided process will lead to a domain-model that you can use in the Enigma.

  1. Prepare your domain: you can configure your domain.
  2. Issues: A negotiation-domain consists out of one or more "issues": the concrete negotiable aspects such as price and quantity. You can define your issues by adding an issue-field with the (range of) values.
  3. Interests: you can indicate the importance you (and the other side) give to various interests
Prepare & Explore

You can now configure Enigma, before meeting with the other negotiating party. Do you know the negotiation domain? Select a suitable domain form the domain editor. Spend some time understanding the domain you are negotiating in!

  1. Strategic info: select your negotiation strategy and get advise about the strategy that fits your purposes best.
  2. Interests: indicate the importance you give to various interests
  3. Issues: a negotiation is about issues. Using the sliders you can spcify the importance of each issue.

In the bidding phase, you and the opposing party continuously offer bids to each other. You can specify your offer using the input fields. When you are satisfied, press Enter bid after which the other can make an offer.

Notice that you can see how much utility each offer provides to either party. You can also have Enigma suggest a bid to you, when you press Suggest bid, and you can also click in the pareto graph to have a bid generated from the clicked position.


Discover new negotiations opportunities

Enigma collaborates with you in your upcoming negotiation to make it a pleasant experience. Enigma can be used for preparation (simulations, training sessions), to provide support during actual negotiations and for mediating support. Throughout the process you will prepare yourself, understand what you and the other side really want, find arrangements that suit both sides and finally come to a successful deal. There’s a different way to negotiate. Get insight into a new way of negotiation and mediation. Discover the new negotiations opportunities in your business.