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Training Negotiation using Artificial Intelligence
(in Dutch)

Become an (even) better negotiator or dealmaker by being supported by new technology

During the one-day training Negotiation with Artificial Intelligence you will:

  • become acquainted with the principles of artificial intelligence and its application in the negotiation process.
  • learn to take control of your negotiations and deal-making from a structured approach and how to map out an effective negotiation strategy and implement it tactically successfully.
  • gain knowledge of how to best use your brain in collaboration with the artificial intelligence negotiation tool to achieve the best end result.
  • also negotiate yourself with the artificial intelligence tool. After the training you get three months free access to the negotiation tool. During these three months you can practice by simulating fictional negotiations or you can let the artificial intelligence tool support you in your real negotiations!

The training consists of a combination of theory and translation to own practice and various simulations and negotiation exercises. The training is packed with practical, immediately applicable negotiation tactics.

1. Introduction to artificial intelligence

  • What is Artificial Intelligence
  • Why can artificial intelligence be used for negotiations?
  • What are the AI ​​components in the tool developed by TU Delft

Explanation by Professor Catholijn Jonker of TU Delft

2. Complexity in negotiating

  • Why not all value is used during negotiations
  • The limitation of the human brain during negotiation
  • Thinking errors during negotiation

3. The solution; support by artificial intelligence

  • Explanation of the artificial intelligence tool
  • Examples of negotiations with the artificial intelligence negotiation tool


4. Negotiate yourself with the negotiation tool

  • Prepare your upcoming negotiation (or prepare a fictional negotiation)
  • Simulate your upcoming negotiation (or simulate your fiction negotiation); go through different scenarios

5. Negotiate together with the negotiation tool

  • Going through a complex negotiation together by using artificial intelligence negotiation tool
  • Applications in business conflict mediation or relational mediation
Also in-company

We also organize this training in-company. We can then provide more customization if required. Curious about what we can do for your organization? Please contact us.


George van Houtem: 
“Any organization can achieve better negotiation results.”

Hans Hopmans:
“With experience, patience, warmth and pleasure I guide policymakers, managers and professionals towards a more strategic and sustainable value creation with chain partners.”

Special guest:

Prof dr Catholijn M. Jonker
Interactive Intelligence
Explainable Artificial Intelligence
Negotiation & Deliberation & Decision making